Create and preserve a culture of wellness and support for personal well-being for medical students, residents, and fellows.  Teach and mentor skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors for a lifetime of well-being and meaning in work.


The purpose of the Wellness Program is to provide targeted resources, programming, trainings, and curriculum to educate students, residents, faculty, and staff about building healthy, help-seeking, habits around mental health and personal well-being. 


  1. To encourage a community of well-being and support for all students, residents, and fellows.
  2. To honor a safe place for open discussions with peers, mentors, faculty, and staff who may have questions or ideas around improving the medical culture.
  3. To provide state of the art resources and support systems for all students and residents.
  4. To provide an informal advising/mentoring system for medical students and residents.
  5. To work with medical partners and the community to develop a holistic approach to medical trainees and physician mental health and personal well-being. 

 Pillars of Wellness

The Four Pillars of Wellness represent the targeted areas of wellness for students and residents. These four pillars shape the programming, seminars and curriculum of the Wellness Program.


  1. Academic – The Academic Pillar assists students with their learning techniques, studying habits, note-taking skills, and career objectives. This pillar is focused on helping students to succeed in their academic environment in order to progress in other career and personal objectives. 


  2. Community – ​The Community Pillar focuses on getting students engaged in local, nation, international, spiritual, social, and special interest groups. This pillar seeks to get students involved with items/people/organizations they are passionate about in the medical field. This pillar encourages students to build networks and explore areas of interest outside of their academics. 


  3. Mental Health – The Mental Health Pillar focuses on helping students stay mentally healthy by learning how to take breaks, relive stress, seek counsel, and meditate. The purpose of this pillar is to provide the students with the tools to be healthy and resilient in a high pressure, rigorous environment. The Mental Health Pillar strives to provide awareness of mental health issues in the medical field and ways of combating the negative side effects brought on by stress (anxiety/depression/burnout).


  4. Physical – ​​This pillar focuses on student’s nutrition and physical activity. The goal is to provide students with simple techniques that allow them to eat healthy and stay active in a busy and changing environment.