About Us


Create and preserve a culture of wellness and support for personal well-being for medical trainees and faculty.  Teach and mentor skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors for a lifetime of well-being and meaning in work. 


The purpose of the Wellness Program is to provide targeted resources, programming, trainings, and curriculum to educate students, residents, faculty, and staff about how to build, sustain, and incorporate healthy, help-seeking, habits and tools around mental health and personal well-being to bring them joy and professional fulfillment while at work and home. 


  1. To encourage a community of well-being and support for all students, residents/fellows, and faculty.
  2. To honor a safe place for open discussions with peers, mentors, faculty, and staff who may have questions or ideas around improving the medical culture.
  3. To provide state of the art resources and support systems for all students, residents, and faculty.
  4. To work with medical partners and the community to develop a holistic approach to medical trainees and physician mental health and personal well-being.